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Construction and Maintenance of Public Lighting, Power Erection, Groundwork and other works

Construction and Maintenance of Public Lighting

  • Construction of new overhead and line cables for public lighting
  • capital repair of public lighting, removal of line failures
  • temporary repair
  • troubleshooting
  • replacement of burnt-out sources,
  • repair of ballasts
  • protection of lighting
  • lubrication of movable components
  • tightening of connections
  • cleaning of lighting covers
  • adjustment of switches, …

Power Erection

Global services: project preparation of constructions, comprehensive realisation of constructions, inspection.

  • supply and erection of outdoor transformer stations, 22/0.4 kV
  • supply and erection of high voltage overhead lines, up to 22 kV
  • supply and erection of low voltage overhead lines, including service leads
  • supply and erection of ground low voltage cable lines, including service leads
  • public lightning lines – erection and maintenance of low voltage/high voltage installations

Groundwork, incl. Temporary and Final Surface Tidying-up

  • digging grooves, excavating soil, compacting soil, covering/making up soil
  • disassembling paved roads, removing pavement kerbs, removing cobbles
  • demolishing concrete foundations, cast asphalt, coated chippings
  • trenchless pipelaying, diameter below 160 mm, incl. associated works
  • creating sand cushion, concrete foundations, and bottom layers of gravel sand, crushed run rock and concrete
  • laying down kerbs, concrete tiles, pavements, lock paving tiles and tessellated pavement
  • finishing surface with coated chippings, repairing pavements with cast asphalt
  • laying turf and seeding grass

Other Works

  • works using platforms | cutting branches close to lines, cutting down trees