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ELTOM, s.r.o. was founded on 1 June 1999.

Company’s activities were based on the operation carried out by Jiří Tomáš – Lydie Tomášová ELTOM. The scope of services has been however extended (in particular, construction projecting preparation, higher share in power erection works with low voltage installations, new services in earth excavation, and power erection with high voltage installations), and also more territories has been covered.

It is possible to provide “turn-key” services consisting in project preparation, project planning, marking out of utilities, construction, final handing-over for use, geotechnical bearing of work, partial/final revisions, and waste disposal.

The primary target of the company is to provide the customers with services which will meet or even exceed their requirements.
The quality of ELTOM’s service is the key criterion for the success in face of competitors as well as the keystone for durable welfare of the company.

Technology and Facilities

ELTOM, s.r.o. has enough means of transport and machinery at its disposal:

  • Platform truck, 13m, 16m (5x)
  • Canvas-top truck
  • Truck with container/hydraulic arm (5x)
  • Tractor + cable chassis
  • Traffic vans
  • Cars

ELTOM, s.r.o. has also necessary working tools and facilities to provide global solutions in erection of low/high voltage overhead as well as ground cable lines. To service low-voltage installations, ELTOM, s.r.o. uses tools intended for work on live lines. All tools and materials utilised by ELTOM, s.r.o. comply with requirements of ß13, Section 5, Act No.22/1997 Coll.

Company’s Line of Business

  • project planning of electrical installations
  • project planning for constructions
  • erection, repair, inspection, and testing of dedicated electrical installations
  • manufacturing of low-voltage switchboards and batteries, cables, and wires
  • manufacturing, wiring, and repair of electrical machinery, and installation
  • manufacturing, wiring, and repair of electronics equipment
  • erection, modification, and removal of simple and small-size constructions
  • general merchandise retailing
  • wholesale

Links between ELTOM, s.r.o., ČEZ, a.s., and MSEM, a.s.

ELTOM, s.r.o. is a partner for the said companies and supplies sector – related works and services based on contracts.

Co-operation with Regional Companies

  • knowledge of environment
  • speed and flexible services

Relations to Customers and Suppliers

  • customer-oriented approach (top-quality relation to customers)
  • balanced relation, confidence, helpfulness (new and more efficient relations to customers)
  • active co-operation among entities (administrator of public lighting and power erection company)
  • openness, transparency
  • individual relation, individual communication

Criteria for ELTOM, s.r.o. as Supplier

  • reliability (quality, qualification)
  • price
  • delivery terms and conditions (speed of work done)
  • global offer (global and comprehensive services)
  • helpfulness of employees (professional approach, knowledge of environment)

Identification Data



ELTOM, s.r.o.

Oběžná 163/19
70900 Ostrava – Mariánské Hory


ČSOB, a.s.

Account No:


IČ: 25 83 71 17

DIČ: CZ25837117

Registered in the Commercial Register, File C, Inset 20630 administered by the Regional Court of Ostrava